Director of Films like Chaalbaaz, Inteqaam, Tumko na bhool payenge and the latest traditional Banaras – A mystic Love story, Pankaj Parashar visited Marwah studios for a comprehensive conversation with the students on Filmmaking. All the films that he made touched diverse topics altogether, with so much of variations in his ideas the director had a lot of things in store for the young film makers. Pankaj Parashar during his chat shared with students not only his know-how but also what was missing in the current phase of filmmaking. He said he had lot of expectations with the young film makers and also expressed his gladness on the quality of training provided by AAFT.


‘Models n Trends’ magazine featuring the latest trends in fashion and hottest models in the industry proudly announced Mr. Sandeep Marwah as a member of its advisory board recently. Mr. Anup Bhandari, Chief Editor of the magazine exclaimed that He could think of none other than Mr. Marwah as he himself is trendy and keeps himself updated about what’s latest in fashion. The magazine has featured some of the successful students of AAFT along with other models. Sandeep Marwah was happy to accept the membership and said that it is important for any person in this profession to be up-to-the-minute.

An Intellectual Professor’s Visit From Newport University, Wales to AAFT

Professor Philip Cowan Film maker and Professor of International Film School from Newport University Wales was invited by Prof. Sandeep Marwah for a meticulous interaction session with the Post Graduation students. The first week of the session integrated the exchange of ideas between cinema of U.K. and cinema of India, which was conversant for not only the students but also for the professor himself.The second week of session was mainly into studying cinematography as Prof. Philip
Cowan is a connoisseur at this subject. The students got to learn the insights of cinema and took full note of this rare opportunity. The session was a huge success.

Welsh Film Students visit AAFT under INDO-WALES First Exchange Program

The first ever Indo-Wales film student exchange program was completed with Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) to gain first hand experience of India’s dynamic film industry. The students from Wales who attended this first exchange were: Vivien Muller Rommel, Producer, Paul Allen, Writer-Director, Nick Booth, Cinematographer, Benjamin Brundle, Sound Recordist, Sam Bees, Lead actor representing University of Gilamorgan, Newport University and Royal welsh Institute.Being their first visit to India all the five students were enthralled by the beauty and Culture of India. They exclaimed that India was even more beautiful that what they have read and known about. Their appreciation and fondness for the country’s culture could be seen in the 10 mins Film “INDIAN BOYO” which was made along with the support of AAFTians Amit Malhotra, Anuj Gera, Sidharth Tiwari as Assistant Directors and Sumit,as an Actor in the film. The film is produced by Sandeep Marwah, Director AAFT & ASMS in association with Skillset screen academy, Wales sponsored by International Business Wales.


Asian School of Media studies in Association with IFTC conducted second Festival of short Digital films in its campus. The Films produced by Mr. Sandeep Marwah, Director of AAFT & ASMS, reflected the quality of training provided by the esteemed institution. The honorable guest among the function were Mr.Shahid Mehndi Former vice chancellor, Dr.Aziz Burney from Sahara, Mr.A.K Rastogi President All India cable Association, Mr Beni Prasad Aggrawal Former Ambassador, Dr. Brijesh Bhatia Media Reseacher who obliged the function with their benign presence.
The guests were stimulated after watching the films. Mr. Shahid Mehndi exclaimed that the films made on social issues were inspirational; the guests congratulated Mr.Sandeep Marwah for the Quality training he is providing the students. The selected films not only gave students an insight into the art of film making but also gave them an opportunity to learn from their own work… The festival gave the new batch of students a mirror image of techniques of films made in Marwah studios.
The audience including the guests of honor, media and the students were full of praises for the films and especially the topics covered by the students.

Feroz Abbas Khan’s Visit to AAFT

A Visit into Gandhian Era
An afternoon in the premises of Marwah studios looked back into.The times of The Father Of the Nation “Mahatma Gandhi”. The Director of the film Gandhi My Father, Feroz Abbas Khan’s visit brought out the patriotic feeling in the students of ASMS and AAFT. The interaction session saw the enthusiasm and zest of the students for their country and its history. The discussion went about for an hour popping out many interesting questions from students.

The Star Cast Of the Film “Budha Margaya” With the Students Of AAFT & ASMS.

Marwah studios experienced a star stud afternoon recently. The Programme, which saw the Bollywood biggies like Anupam Kher, Om Puri , Renowned Film director Rahul Rawail and the stunning siren Rakhi saawant with producer Rohit kumar, was organized to have an Interactive session with students of AAFT & ASMS. The campus grounds were flooded with media; all the channels were striving hard just to get a glimpse of the stars. Not to the overlook, the students of AAFT & ASMS were overwhelmed by having a face to face discussion with the stars. The stars had a detailed discussion with the students as to how film industry works and they also talked about their upcoming film “Budha Mar Gaya”.The Director of AAFT & ASMS, Mr. Sandeep Marwah, said that it is very important for students to have an interaction with stars like this one so that they get a clear idea about the film industry and its norms and this is the reason AAFT have regular interactive sessions

Modern day Traditions!

In the modern day life, our ethnicity still seem to be deep rooted within our hearts .While we dance on the modern tunes, folk music and Bhajans bring us peace.
In an attempt to bring peace Mr. Sandeep Marwah released a CD of devotional compositions; ‘Traditions I’. Introduced by famous religious singer and composer Shri Anup Jalota, the CD contains traditional songs by Madhu Mathur Anand.

A Rendezvous with Renowned writer from Hollywood

Catherine Ann Jones, an award winning playwright and screenwriter visited Marwah studios recently. Some of her award winning film include ‘ The Christmas Wife nominated for the best picture and best writing, Unlikely Angel , Angel Passing which went on to win fifteen awards in festivals all over the world. During her visit,the writer guided students of AAFT & ASMS on scriptwriting, narrated some of her works and taught them the art of writing. Taking everyone in her stride the writer even spoke to the faculty of AAFT & ASMS.Sandeep Marwah thanked her for sharing her experience with the young film makers.

Heartthrob of Millions M. S. Dhoni at Marwah Studios

Dhoni fever filled Marwah studios when famous cricketer M.S. Dhoni visited studios for a shoot. Cricket fans were all going gaga over the young dynamic cricketer. When asked about the secret of the success, he said he believed in God and his powers. On this occasion he was requested to launch a spiritual music Cd on Shirdi Sai baba produced by Sandeep Marwah and composed by Mahinder pal. Dhoni stated the importance of spirituality in our day to day life which he himself believes in and he also emphasized that spirituality and all the religions believe in one thing that is’ Humanity.’ The occasion was breathtaking and incredible.