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Rules for Submission

Terms of Use:

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The Competition:

  • Task: Shooting a Film/Music Video / News/ Still Image on MOBILE PHONE
  • Registration Deadline: 11th January 2017
  • Length of the video: 3 minutes maximum
  • Shooting Technique: Mobile Phone (cell phone)
  • Registration Fee: None
  • Purpose: To unleash the creative spark of the participants by using nontraditional means of technology like the Cell Phone and create both motion and still imagery.
  • The Task: Participants can shoot a Video (max. 3 minutes) or Still Picture using a mobile phone.


The entries for the competition will revolve around the realm of:

  • Fiction / Music Video (up to 3 Minutes )
  • Reality / Electronic News Gathering (up to 3 Minutes )
  • Still Image

Announcement of Result:

  • The film entries received from various countries will be judged by an international jury in New Delhi.
  • The result for the 3 winner of the Cell Phone Cinema festival will be announced later.
  • The list of the film entries qualified for the finals will be disclosed through the Internet.


  • 1. Participation certificates to every qualified entry
  • 2. Three Awards for fiction/Music Video
    • I. Rs. 10,000/- 1st Award + Citation
    • II. Rs. 5,000/- 2nd Award + Citation
    • III. Rs. 3,000/- 3rd Award + Citation
  • 3. Three Award for reality /Electronic News Gathering
    • I. Rs. 10,000/- Award + Citation
    • II. Rs. 5,000/- Award + Citation
    • III.Rs. 3,000/- Award + Citation
  • 4. Three Awards for Still Image
    • I. Rs. 10,000/- Award + Citation
    • II. Rs. 5,000/- Award + Citation
    • III. Rs. 3,000/- Award + Citation
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