International Cell Phone Cinema

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The International Film and Television Club along with Marwah Studios once again bring to the world the 17th IFCPC (International Festival of Cell Phone Cinema).
Founded in 2008, the brain child of Prof Karl Bardosh & Akshay Marwah, under the stewardship of Mr.Sandeep Marwah, has a brought a new tool to film makers. Prof. Karl Bardosh of Tisch School of Art New York founded Cell Phone Cinema in the US, Hungary, Korea, Australia and is looking at broadening this horizon across the world.

The Cell phone cinema means that by carrying around these tiny videophones like “Camera Stylos” in your pockets instead of “Camera pens” everyone can become a film maker….the camera pen is being diminished by a modern digital technology -the cell phone which amazingly functions as a full fledged production centre right in your palm.

THE WORLD is shrinking at a fast pace and people have less time to actually sit and watch a movie on the big screen. Innovation is the need of the hour and so with the Cell phone festival new talent and innovative entertainment is expected to be seen. The International Festival of Cell phone cinema will be held in Noida for the 16th time, and showcase beautiful short films, still images and music videos. When asked as to what made the Marwah Studios go into such an untested and unexplored front, the President of Marwah Studios, Sandeep Marwah feels the purpose of this festival is “to promote film and television in a very extraordinary way.” He added “film made from the mind help in the development of senses and also encourages the development of the young minds.”