International Cell Phone Cinema

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Yogesh Mishra

Festival Director

Director Message

The world has grown a lot in present century and one of the reason for this growth is communication revolution. The world has come so close because of it. Cell phone has not only minimized the distances but also has brought the media and the cinema in its reach. Today you can shoot picture and make films with the cell phone in your hand.

This idea stuck in the mind of the visionary Dr. Sandeep Marwah, 14 years ago and immediately he started working on it. Since he was from media education too he thought of educating people about film making through cell phone. After that the people didn’t had to worry about the entire team and equipment and that much of expenses. They could start converting their dreams into reality with a smart phone and limited resources.

To bring this idea to limelight Dr. Sandeep Marwah started first ever festival of cell phone cinema.  I remember the response of people was beyond our expectation. People participated with great enthusiasm. Who knew this idea will prove to be a landmark in creative reach of people to showcase their creations on an international platform. Today it has proved so, a cell phone in hand ….. to capture cinema in mind and … dreams of desires. Our aim is to  spread the message of love, peace and unity through art and culture and cell phone cinema has proved as one of the biggest tool in spreading this message.