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IFCPC, a flagship initiative under the International Film and Television Club of Marwah Studios, celebrates the art and craft of cellphone cinema. Beyond being a festival, we are a movement that champions the democratization of filmmaking, believing that everyone has a story worth sharing. We believe that every individual has a narrative that is worthy of being shared. We invite you to accompany us on this cinematic adventure, where the creative process is unrestricted, and every storyteller has their turn to shine.




Our vision is to empower individuals to use cinema as a powerful medium to express their unique ideas, fostering a global community of storytellers. At IFCPC, we visualize a future where the humble mobile phone becomes a global storyteller, inspiring and connecting people worldwide with extraordinary tales.


Our mission at IFCPC is to kindle the spark of mobile filmmaking, providing a vibrant platform for creators to showcase their work. We strive to cultivate a worldwide community of passionate artists, promoting diverse narratives, innovative storytelling approaches, and a comprehensive exploration of perspectives.

From the President's Desk

Sandeep Marwah

I extend a warm invitation to each of you to become an integral part of this cinematic revolution. Let's collectively celebrate the diversity of stories and the unparalleled potential of mobile filmmaking. Your participation adds a unique thread to this ever-evolving narrative, making it a collaborative and vibrant experience.

The International Festival of Cellphone Cinema (IFCPC) emerges as a groundbreaking celebration of creativity and innovation. Joining forces with DETEL, the festival not only pioneers mobile filmmaking but also awards participants with DETEL products. The collaboration with ICMEI brings India and The Democratic Republic of Congo closer, emphasizing the festival's global impact. With entries invited from around the world, the festival continues to be a vibrant platform, this time with a special focus on Mahatma Gandhi's ideals, creating a harmonious blend of cinema, culture, and innovation.

Yogesh Mishra

I encourage each one of you to be a part of this journey, a journey that celebrates the diversity of narratives and the limitless potential of mobile filmmaking. IFCPC, a flagship initiative under Marwah Studios, is not merely a festival; it's a cinematic odyssey. In its 13th year, the festival envisions a future where every individual with a mobile phone becomes a storyteller, inspiring global audiences. With a mission to ignite the spark of mobile filmmaking, IFCPC provides a dynamic venue for artists worldwide. Partnerships with ICMEI and the Mahatma Gandhi Forum expand the festival's global reach while fostering international cooperation and recognizing the ability of cinema to cross borders. Join IFCPC on this cinematic adventure, where storytelling knows no bounds, and every storyteller takes center stage.

IFCPC Festivals

Sparking Cinematic Magic with IFCPC's Global Mobile Filmmaking Extravaganza