Turkish Cuisine Shines at 8th Global Fashion and Design Week

Noida, India: The 8th Global Fashion and Design Week continued to delight and surprise its international audience with a spectacular display of Turkish cuisine on the second day of its food festival. This session, inaugurated by His Excellency Firat Sunel, Ambassador of Turkey to India, was a highlight of the week-long event. The students of AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism showcased their culinary skills, presenting an array of traditional Turkish dishes that left the national and international guests in awe.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of the Festival, emphasized the pivotal role of food in cultural promotion and exchange. In his address, he stated, “Food is a fundamental aspect of culture that transcends boundaries and fosters mutual understanding and appreciation. Today’s presentation of Turkish cuisine is a perfect example of how culinary arts can bring nations closer.”

His Excellency Firat Sunel, in his opening remarks, highlighted the longstanding relationship between India and Turkey, noting the importance of such cultural events in strengthening bilateral ties. “The shared love for food and culture between our nations is evident in today’s celebration. It is a pleasure to see the efforts of young chefs bringing Turkish flavors to India,” he said.

The session was organized with the support of the Indo Turkey Film and Cultural Forum of the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry. The forum has been instrumental in promoting cultural ties and projecting the powerful relations between India and Turkey through various initiatives, including this vibrant food festival.

The culinary display included a wide range of Turkish dishes, from savory kebabs to sweet baklava, each meticulously prepared by the talented students of AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism. The authenticity and flavors of the dishes were highly praised by the attendees, who appreciated the students’ dedication and culinary prowess.

“Everyone loved the food and the entire experience was truly enriching,” remarked a guest at the festival. The efforts of the students were applauded, with many noting the festival as a fantastic platform for showcasing the rich culinary traditions of different countries.

As the 8th Global Fashion and Design Week progresses, it continues to serve as a beacon of cultural exchange and creativity. The inclusion of diverse culinary presentations underscores the event’s commitment to fostering global unity and appreciation of different cultures.