Documentary Film “Mag Fete” from Chad Honored with Award of Distinction at 12th Global Festival of Journalism

Noida: The 12th Global Festival of Journalism held at Marwah Studios, Noida, showcased the remarkable power of documentary filmmaking, reaffirming its role as a medium for education, enlightenment, and storytelling. Among the standout entries was the documentary film “Mag Fete” from Chad, which received the prestigious Award of Distinction in recognition of its impactful narrative.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, a fervent supporter of documentary filmmaking, addressed the enthusiastic audience, highlighting the profound significance of documentaries in capturing the essence of truth and reality. He emphasized the role of documentaries in fostering curiosity, learning, and understanding, asserting their unique ability to resonate with audiences on a deeper level than fictional films.

In a significant gesture towards promoting cultural exchange, Dr. Marwah invited H.E. Dillah Lucienne, the Ambassador of Chad, to release the poster of the Indo Chad Film and Cultural Forum. H.E. Dillah Lucienne commended the efforts of Marwah Studios in organizing such a compelling showcase of documentary films and expressed appreciation for the impactful storytelling portrayed in “Mag Fete.”

As a symbol of recognition and appreciation, Dr. Sandeep Marwah presented the Award of Distinction to the makers of “Mag Fete,” acknowledging their contribution to the art of documentary filmmaking. Additionally, a festival memento was presented to H.E. Dillah Lucienne as a gesture of goodwill and friendship, further strengthening the ties between India and Chad in the realm of cultural diplomacy.

The acknowledgment of “Mag Fete” underscores the festival’s commitment to supporting and honoring the diverse voices and narratives presented through documentary filmmaking.

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