Kazakhstan’s Film “SULTAN BAYBARS” Honored with Award of Distinction at 16th Global Film Festival Noida

Noida: The second day of the 16th Global Film Festival Noida (GFFN) at Marwah Studios witnessed a powerful cinematic presentation as the film “Sultan Baybars” from Kazakhstan took center stage. Festival President Dr. Sandeep Marwah, along with Mr. Adrak Kakimzhanov, First Secretary of the Embassy of Kazakhstan, graced the occasion and highlighted the significance of promoting cultural ties between India and Kazakhstan through the Indo Kazakhstan Film and Cultural Forum.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Chancellor of AAFT University of Media and Arts, welcomed the audience and underscored the importance of content-driven films that carry impactful messages. He shared insights into the meticulous selection process for screenings at Marwah Studios, expressing particular enthusiasm for the Kazakhstani film “Sultan Baybars.” Dr. Marwah encouraged the audience to anticipate a unique cinematic experience that goes beyond entertainment.

Speaking about the Indo Kazakhstan Film and Cultural Forum, Dr. Marwah stated, “ICMEI has now a very powerful Indo Kazakhstan Film and Cultural Forum created with the support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. Being the Chair, it is my duty to promote the relationship between India and Kazakhstan, and art and culture is the best way to go forward.”

Mr. Adrak Kakimzhanov, First Secretary of the Embassy of Kazakhstan, shared his delight at participating in the Global Film Festival Noida. He recounted inspiring stories about the evolution of Kazakhstan’s film industry, navigating challenges from wartime to creating cinematic marvels. Mr. Kakimzhanov emphasized the cultural bridge that cinema provides, fostering understanding and appreciation among diverse global audiences.

The highlight of the event was the screening of ‘Sultan Baybars,’ a cinematic masterpiece portraying the rulers of Egypt and their lives. The film showcased outstanding cinematography and a gripping storyline that left a profound impact on the hearts and minds of the audience. The narrative skillfully depicted the positive evolution of the world post-war, resonating with viewers on a universal level.

In a ceremonial conclusion, Mr. Adrak Kakimzhanov was honored with a festive memento, recognizing his valuable contribution to the event. The film “Sultan Baybars” received the distinguished Award of Distinction, acknowledging its excellence in cinematic storytelling and its role in strengthening cultural bonds between Kazakhstan and India.

The 16th Global Film Festival Noida continues to be a dynamic platform for celebrating global cinema and fostering international collaborations.

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