Sandeep Marwah Inaugurates National Art and Culture Convention at Brahma Kumaris

Manesar, Gurugram: The serene ambience of the Om Shanti Retreat Centre in Manesar bore witness to a momentous occasion as Sandeep Marwah, the Global Cultural Minister and Founder-President of AAFT, spearheaded the inauguration of the national seminar themed “Love, Peace, and Harmony through Art and Culture.” Hosted by the esteemed Brahma Kumaris, the event marked a significant step towards fostering unity and understanding through the transformative power of art and culture.

In his address, Sandeep Marwah emphasized the timeless message of “Love, Peace, and Unity Through Art and Culture,” a philosophy he has been propagating for over three decades. With pride, he shared his remarkable journey of bringing together millions of individuals from 156 countries across the globe through 7500 events conducted by Marwah Studios.

“I am deeply honored to be part of this noble endeavour to promote love, peace, and harmony through art and culture,” remarked Sandeep Marwah. “It is through such gatherings that we can truly make a difference in unifying hearts and fostering understanding among diverse communities.”

The event witnessed the participation of distinguished speakers and luminaries who delved into the essence of noble feelings and ideologies crucial for societal cohesion. Discussions revolved around the transformative power of values in nurturing vibrant cultures and the pivotal role of children in promoting art and culture infused with divine values.

Joined by BK Sisters and Brothers, Sandeep Marwah illuminated the event with his profound insights and unwavering commitment to promoting cultural exchange and understanding. “The key to building a harmonious society lies in embracing the richness of our cultural diversity and fostering mutual respect and understanding,” emphasized Sandeep Marwah. The National Art and Culture Convention at Brahma Kumaris Om Shanti Retreat Center served as a platform for dialogue, reflection, and collaboration, highlighting the inherent connection between art, culture, and spirituality.

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