Seminar on “The New Hope of Indian Cinema Noida Film City Part II” Marks the Third Day of 16th Global Film Festival

oida:  The 16th Global Film Festival at Marwah Studios Noida reached new heights on its third day with a thought-provoking seminar titled “The New Hope of Indian Cinema Noida Film City Part II.” The event brought together eminent personalities from the film industry, trade, and hospitality sectors, fostering discussions on the burgeoning potential of Noida Film City Part II in shaping the future of Indian cinema.

Addressing the audience, Festival President Dr. Sandeep Marwah, who is also the founder of Noida Film City, highlighted the significance of Noida Film City Part II as a catalyst for a new era in Indian cinema. He emphasized that the expansion symbolizes the growing influence of Indian cinema, providing a platform for diverse voices and storytelling.

Dr. Viney Sarikonda, the Brazil & Latin American Countries Trade Commissioner, lauded Noida Film City Part II as a cultural bridge, bringing the vibrancy of Indian cinema to the global stage and fostering international collaborations.

Renowned Director AAFTian Akshay Chaubey expressed optimism about the immense potential of the new facilities at Noida Film City Part II, inspiring the next generation of storytellers. Similarly, Renowned Actor  Shiny Dixit highlighted the bright future for actors, given the state-of-the-art infrastructure available to bring compelling stories to life.

 Pooja Gogia, a prominent figure in the hospitality industry, shared her insights, stating that the evolution of Noida Film City reflects the synergy between entertainment and entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for diverse talents in the industry.

Bhawana Agarwal emphasized the need for the expansion of the film business in India, emphasizing the positive impact on the industry’s growth.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah felicitated all the esteemed guests with festival mementos, and Ms. Pooja Gogia received a Certificate of Excellence in recognition of her outstanding contributions.

The interactive session concluded with a vote of thanks by Festival Director Ashok Tyagi, acknowledging the enriching discussions and insights shared during the seminar.

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