Spiritual Leader Bhagwat Deshmukh Vashith Ji Maharaj Visits International Headquarters of WPDRF

Noida: The International Headquarters of the World Peace Development and Research Foundation (WPDRF) witnessed a momentous occasion as it welcomed the esteemed spiritual leader, Bhagwat Deshmukh Vashith Ji Maharaj. The revered spiritual leader was greeted by none other than the global president of WPDRF, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, marking a significant step towards fostering love, peace, and unity through art and culture.

WPDRF, a pioneering organization dedicated to the promotion of global harmony, has been steadfast in its mission to propagate the values of peace and unity through various cultural and artistic endeavors. With affiliations to over a hundred organizations worldwide, WPDRF has been instrumental in fostering effective channels for spreading its noble purpose.

The visit of Bhagwat Deshmukh Vashith Ji Maharaj to the International Headquarters underscores the collaborative efforts aimed at promoting peace and unity across borders. His presence serves as a beacon of inspiration for the continued endeavors of WPDRF and its affiliated organizations in advancing the cause of global harmony.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the global president of WPDRF, expressed his gratitude for the esteemed presence of Bhagwat Deshmukh Vashith Ji Maharaj and reiterated WPDRF’s unwavering commitment to promoting peace through cultural exchange and collaboration.

Bhagwat Deshmukh Vashith Ji Maharaj, known for his profound spiritual teachings and humanitarian efforts, emphasized the importance of fostering love and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds. He commended the initiatives undertaken by WPDRF and its affiliated organizations in harnessing the power of art and culture to bridge divides and promote universal values of peace and unity.

The visit concluded with mutual expressions of goodwill and a renewed commitment to work together towards the shared goal of a more harmonious world.

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