Exceptional Still Photography Exhibition, “PHOTO TATVA,” Inaugurated at the 16th Global Film Festival Noida 2023

Noida: The 16th Global Film Festival Noida witnessed a spectacular inauguration of the “PHOTO TATVA” exhibition, showcasing the creative brilliance of students from the School of Still Photography, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and School of Fashion & Design at AAFT University of Media & Arts. The exhibition, introduced by Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Chancellor of AAFT University, was held at Marwah Studios and featured distinguished dignitaries.

The inauguration ceremony saw the esteemed presence of Member of Parliament Lok Sabha, Jagannath Sarkar, Ambassador of Panama H.E. Yasiel Burillo, Makeup Artist Ms. Divya Behl, H.E. Elchin Husenli designated Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Model & Actor Richa Mehta, Vipin Gaur Secretary, News Paper Association of India and Singer Sameer Khan Niazi, who graced the occasion as the guests of honor.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah expressed the university’s commitment to incorporating still photography exhibitions into every occasion or festival at AAFT. Recognizing still photography as the foundation of various arts, including cinema, Dr. Marwah congratulated the students for curating an exceptional exhibition. He emphasized that such exhibitions play a vital role in amplifying the creative process of aspiring photographers, fostering out-of-the-box thinking in their approach to capturing images.

The exhibition showcased a diverse range of photographs, skillfully crafting an artistic narrative that spanned wildlife to societal themes. A highlight of the event was the bioscope, an innovative creation by talented students, allowing viewers to experience a sequence of photographs simultaneously. Despite being a relic of the past, the bioscope aligned seamlessly with the exhibition’s theme, serving as a nostalgic window to history.

H.E. Elchin Husenli from Azerbaijan congratulated the students for their outstanding exhibition, appreciating their creativity. Hon. Jagannath Sarkar, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, expressed his honor to be present at Marwah Studios and celebrate such a vibrant film festival. He commended the students for their innovative bioscope concept and enjoyed the overall exhibition.

During the exhibition, Mr. Vajiul Hasan Rizvi, Dean of the School of Still Photography, praised the students for displaying their creativity in its finest form. He emphasized that this hands-on experience of capturing and displaying pictures would elevate their skills and make them industry-ready.

The 16th Global Film Festival Noida continues to be a hub for celebrating diverse artistic expressions, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and learn from industry experts.

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